Discover The Top Kayaking Destinations in Southeast Alaska

Southeast Alaska is one of the most unique places to visit in the world, and one of the best ways to witness this wild landscape is on a kayak. Kayaking in southeast Alaska can often be much faster and easier than traveling by land. With so much to see, here are the top places to kayak in southeast Alaska.

1. Tracy Arm

A sought-after paddling destination, Tracy Arm is a must-see spot in Alaska. You’ll maneuver through a fjord that features two tidewater glaciers, 6000-foot peaks, thick forests and exceptional wildlife, including undaunted mountain goats and adorable seals. The water is exceptionally cold and there are sections to challenge both intermediate and expert kayakers.

2. Pack Creek

Pack Creek is among the most popular bear-viewing sites and the surrounding waters is certainly an ideal spot. The creek offers exceptional opportunities to see bears engage in their natural behaviors, especially when guests are keeping their noise and movement to a minimum. Waves may be up to one foot, and you need to know how to handle them. Tidal swings can be extreme and need to be taken into consideration when planning your kayaking trip. A common kayaking route is from Windfall Island to Pack Creek. You will need to check in with the Rangers onshore before proceeding further into Pack Creek.

3. Seymour Canal

Enjoy kayaking up to gently sloped beaches when you pitch your tent on one of several islands located in Seymour Canal, a small canal on Admiralty Island. These islands have fewer bears than other areas, which makes it safer for sleeping. There’s still no lack of wildlife, instead, you will find many salmon streams, tide flats, dark forests and sweeping mountain views.

4. Endicott Arm

Endicott Arm is a lesser-known paddling destination than Tracy Arm, but it isn’t any less majestic. Here you can enjoy more challenging kayak conditions but also very rewarding ones. You may see whales, sea birds, bears, mountain goats and other exciting wildlife, along with awe-inspiring waterfalls. At the end, you’ll be rewarded with a sight of Dawes Glacier, an active tidewater glacier. There are many islands, creeks, coves and narrows to explore here.

5. Berner’s Bay

If you’d like to explore the wildflowers and waterfalls of southeast Alaska, we can think of no better kayaking journey for you than one through Berner’s Bay. This fantastic area includes sheltered salmon streams, comfortable beaches and many more attractions. Sea lions and humpback whales are common sights here.

6. Channel Islands

This large state marine park is Two kayakers enjoying the adventure of kayaking near Juneau, Alaska with adventure tour specialists, Above & Beyond Alaska. another great option for intermediate and expert kayakers alike. With plenty of accessible islands, you can take smaller trips out to the select areas that interest you most and will make your trip most enjoyable.

At Above & Beyond Alaska (ABAK) Wilderness Adventures, we specialize in high-quality, small group active adventure tours for those wanting to experience the true spirit of Alaska. ABAK believes that exploration accompanied by education leads to conservation. We take pride in doing what we love and hope to share with others this beautiful world full of adventure.