Looking for an unforgettable adventure that combines breathtaking scenery, adrenaline-pumping activities, and a unique experience? Look no further than our latest multi-sport day trip offering, the Fly-In Norris Glacier Hike & Packraft Tour!

This one-of-a-kind tour takes you on a thrilling journey to explore the beautiful Norris Glacier, located in the heart of the Alaskan wilderness. But what sets this tour apart is the opportunity to encounter Alaska’s incredible wildlife up close. Keep your eyes peeled for sightings of majestic bald eagles, playful otters, and even sealions as you paddle your way towards the glacier. It’s a chance to witness the natural wonders of Alaska and create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

Here’s what you can expect from this unforgettable experience:

Fly-In Adventure

Get ready for an unforgettable adventure as you board our small aircraft and prepare for a scenic flight to the remote location of the Norris Glacier. As the propellers start to spin and the plane begins to move along the watery runway, you’ll be sure to feel the excitement along with other passengers. Have your camera ready to capture Juneau from above. As you ascend into the sky, Alaska’s rugged landscapes and pristine wilderness will come into view.

Seaplane dock departure

Loading up the float plane for a flight to Norris Glacier


The adventure doesn’t stop there! Next, we’ll provide you with a packraft, a small and lightweight inflatable boat, so that you can explore the glacier’s ice-melt streams and scenic waterways. Our packrafts are the perfect partner for your adventure, providing a comfortable and exciting ride as you glide across the crystal-clear water. With expert guidance from our experienced guides, you’ll navigate the mild rapids and experience the thrill of the water like never before. It’s a chance to challenge yourself and experience the raw power and beauty of the Alaskan wilderness firsthand. So get ready to paddle like a pro and create unforgettable memories!

Packraft & Sea Plane Tour

Norris Glacier Packraft Seaplane Tour

Glacier Hike

As soon as you land on Norris Glacier, your guide will outfit you with ice axes and crampons for safe and confident movement on the ice. The glacier’s ever-changing nature means that new features and formations are constantly popping up, making each visit a unique and thrilling experience. Your guides will lead you on a hike through the intricate patterns and deep crevasses created by thousands of years of glacial movement. Get ready to marvel at the stunning blue hues and icy landscapes that surround you at every turn!

Norris Glacier Hike

Guided Trekking on Norris Glacier

Experience the Beauty of Alaska

This tour is perfect for anyone who wants to experience the beauty of Alaska’s wilderness in a responsible and sustainable way. You’ll explore one of the most stunning glaciers in the world, all while making a positive impact on the environment.

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