Experience Southeast Alaska’s Natural Beauty By Wilderness Tour With Above & Beyond Alaska

Any wilderness experience involves some risks, especially in Alaska, where courageous tourists use a mix of wildlife and recreation to fulfill their personal and intellectual cravings. But how far is too far for guests who are unfamiliar with wildlife, mountains, weather, or machines, and what does it feel like to experience the true Spirit of Alaska?

There is a whole world unexplored out there in Alaska with unique beautiful and breathtaking sceneries that will leave you in awe as you journey from one stunning site to another. Mendenhall Glacier is one incredible site in Alaska’s wilderness to enjoy beauty and adventure.

Each day spent touring the Mendenhall Glacier seems like entering into a whole different universe. The glacier world evolves with each new daybreak, as meltwater carves new canyons, and blue ice tunnels form in days. Every time the crampons are put on and the ropes are tightened, it appears as though time is slipping straight through our fingers. A whole day out on the ice just won’t feel long enough and you will want to experience more.

Safety as a Priority

At Above and Beyond Alaska, the safety of our clients is a priority as a professional guiding service that operates in a hazardous and unpredictable glaciated environment. There are inherent dangers with glacier exploration. Rocky terrain, slick ice, and shifting weather are all part of the adventure.

Some glacier dangers, such as crevasses, can be hazardous and even fatal. Our safety measures are founded on the truth that escaping from these elements is not just difficult and complicated, but in some circumstances impossible, that is why we choose the safest possible route to avoid any unnecessary risks. Our guides are trained to spot risks that most tourists do not see so they can manage the risk effectively for the entire party.

Explore Glaciers Anytime

On a glacier, life is continuously changing, sometimes more quickly than other times. During the summer, glacial changes can occur in a matter of hours due to meltwater and shifting. In the winter, the glacial world moves more slowly and provides a different view of the ice.

Summer on a Glacier

Glaciers change and move faster during the summer because it is their melt season. Due to the constantly-rising temperatures during the summer months, ice melts quicker than it can build. Large meltwater lakes may form at the glacier’s apex. As daily temperatures change, the water level in these lakes can increase and decrease.

Meltwater influences not just the lakes but also the glacier’s pace of ice shifting and cutting. Meltwater creeps into the glacier’s weaker facets and begins to dig through them. This motion aids in the formation and shaping of crevasses and moulins.

If you wander around the glacier in the summer, you could note that certain parts are passable in the morning but are immersed in meltwater by the afternoon. Book a tour with us at Above and Beyond Alaska to enjoy the beauty of the glaciers during summer, as we will ensure your safety from meltwater issues.

Winter Glaciers

Winter on a glacier is a little slower and provides a view of the glacier that many people do not get to see. Colder temperatures and fewer sunlight hours are unavoidable in the winter, and you may find very few people who are willing to brave the cold, and even fewer excursions offered by facilitators during this period. Much of the meltwater is frozen once it reaches the glacier. This is why hiring a professional guide is essential.

In the winter, when there are more risks that you can’t see. Navigating the glacier demands greater competence. As the ice builds and hardens over the winter, the blue colors begin to truly stand out. That is why you need expert tour guides like those at Above and Beyond Alaska, who have experienced all the intricacies of glaciers during the winter season.

Both seasons provide opportunities for outstanding photography and unique encounters. Seasonal changes complement one another and provide distinct glacier chances. Decide which season you believe is ideal for you and your group, and then call us for your adventure!

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When planning your vacation to Juneau, don’t forget to look into the activities offered by Above and Beyond Alaska. We can guide you to see Juneau’s gorgeous scenery, explore aquatic creatures, or look for bears and other local wildlife. We provide professionally guided trips for those who like to be shown around by an expert. We also have equipment rentals for those who prefer to explore on their own. Above and Beyond Alaska lives up to its name, so call us today to find out how we can help you make memorable memories on your Juneau visit!