This will provide a basic guide to hiking and highly recommended hiking trails.

Always eat a hearty meal before heading out for a strenuous hike. You will need to your energy throughout the trek.

Who to bring:

  • Bring a hiking buddy: depending on how much you want to get out of the hike in terms of an intense walk or more a casual stroll, bring a friend that matches your level.
  • Always let someone who is not on the hike know where you will be hiking and what time you are estimated to be back. This way if something goes wrong on the trail there is someone that is expecting your return call or text.

Where to hike:Guide to hiking in Juneau Alaska

  • A great resource used by locals is the 90 Plus Short Walks of Juneau. This guide does a great job outlining the length, intensity, and history of several trails around Juneau, including Mount Roberts Trail, Mount Juneau Trail, Basin Road, and Mendenhall Glacier.
  • Know the area: if you are unsure of trail conditions throughout the year research. Depending on the time of year several trails might be too dangerous to attempt due to trail washouts, snow, and ice.
  • There is a hike for all level abilities; know what you are capable of.

Here are several local favorites:


Hiking in Alaska - popular hikes in and near Juneau            Images of Juneau Alaska hiking trails

  • Mount Roberts Trail
  • Mount Juneau Trail
  • Mount Jumbo Trail
  • Perseverance Trail
  • Nugget Falls
  • Salmon Creek Resevoir
  • West Glacier Trail
  • Gold Creek

What to wear:

  • Dress for the weather and also weather that could happen. Juneau is prone to having very fast weather change. Below are examples of what to bring season and weather dependent.
  • Top Layers: base layer, long sleeve shirt, vest, shell, rain jacket, puffy jacket
  • Bottom Layers: base layer, hiking pants or breathable leggings, rain pants
  • Shoes: Xtra-Tuffs or water-proof ankle high hiking shoe

What to wear for Alaska hiking


What to bring:

  • Hiking backpack: this is able to hold extra layers
  • Camel back or water bottle: be sure to bring plenty of water
  • Snacks: depending on the intensity of your hike it is a good idea to have snack to re-fuel
  • Sunscreen: you can still get burnt.

Extra info:

  • Know the area: that is why it is a good idea to have someone with you who has done the trek before or familiar with the trail.
  • Be aware: watch out for bears. Make noise as you are hiking and if you happen to come across a bear on the trail do not panic and run. Bears run faster. Make noise and make yourself seem bigger than the bear. They are often more afraid of you. Bear spray is a good addition.

Leave no Trace:

  • Pack it in pack it out: this includes your snack wrappers, water bottles, bathroom essentials (you never know when nature will call)
  • Please to not litter; this harms the environment and wildlife. Not to mention a plastic water bottle doesn’t enhance the natural beauty of the trail.

Congrats you just hiked Alaska! Stayed tuned for our next How To!