Jessica DuncanSales and Office Coordinator

ess’ heart belongs to every corner of the world. She has called many places home, from the rugged and remote beauty of the Outback, to the vibrant streets of the City of Angels. This constant exposure to different cultures and landscapes has instilled in her a deep appreciation for the beauty and diversity of our planet.

She holds a fervent respect for all wildlife on this earth. Her passion isn’t just about observation, but about conservation. We share this planet, and she believes in protecting the delicate balance that allows wildlife to thrive.

Her favorite pastime with her spotted four-legged partner in crime is ditching the GPS for unplanned experiences down a new road, stumbling upon some unmarked treasures on a backcountry hike, and most importantly establishing the best local eatery. You can win this girl’s heart over food and a conversation about dogs. If you have a soft spot for any of these topics, Jess is the one to speak to!

Alps - Snowkayaking