Alexander Beebe-GiudiceOperations Manager

ike many young and adventurous folk, Alex came up to Juneau to spend a summer.  One summer on the Norris Glacier turned into two – two became three, three became 12.  For his 13th year in Alaska, Alex ventured down from the Juneau icefield to join the ABAK team as kayak operations manager in 2018.

Alex has worked with several outdoor adventure operations that have taken him to remote wilderness locations as a guide, manager, cook, boat operator, laborer, and handyperson.  While the scenery, adventure, and isolation have created lasting memories, Alex is most thankful for life lessons in leadership, interpersonal relationships, and personal development.

Some of the things Alex enjoys are continuously perfecting any one of his culinary inventions, wandering about with canine friends, being out-fished (all the time by everyone), and maintaining a personal inventory of discounted and/or scrap lumber from Home Depot.  He also loves a sunset paddle in his 30-year-old canoe, building things, and tinkering around.