Privately Guided Trips

Experience Glaciers, Bears, and Whales with a Private Guide!

Booking a privately guided trip with Above & Beyond Alaska is a great option for those clients looking for an intimate and exclusive Alaskan experience with their own private guide(s).

Allow us to tailor your trip to meet your specific interests and abilities. Privately guided trips also cater to your family’s needs, as it allows for children younger than the minimum age requirement on our group trips and provides enough flexibility for the whole family to join the adventure!

Privately Guided Mendenhall Glacier Trek

Take advantage of the opportunity to climb a vertical ice wall, explore an ice cave, or simply travel at you own pace through the forest trail and on the glacier!

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Privately Guided Glacier Kayak Paddle & Trek

Paddle, trek and explore the magnificent Mendenhall Lake, Glacier and ice caves with your own private guide on this ultimate multi-sport adventure!

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Privately Guided Tongass Coast Kayak

Paddle the scenic coastline alongside part of the largest temperate rain forest in the world while enjoying the dramatic views and chance wildlife encounter!

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Privately Guided Channel Islands Kayak

Explore the Channel Islands Marine Park by kayak and motorboat and take in the extraordinary scenery and spectacular array of marine wildlife that calls this area home!

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  • About ABAK

    Above & Beyond Alaska, LLC is a local, employee-owned guiding company based in Juneau. We have been exploring the region from Ocean to Ice for over 25 years and guiding others since 2002. Our goal is to provide a complete Alaskan wilderness experience by sharing with clients our passion for the outdoors, technical know-how, and natural history knowledge.

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