Helicopter Glacier Base Camp

Trip Details

2018 Cost: $1,299 per person (plus 5% local sales tax), min of 4 required

Trip Duration: 2 days/1 night

2018 Trip Dates: View calendar under “Book Now”
Mid May through August

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What to Expect

Highlights: Helicopter Flight, Glacier Trekking and Exploration, Ice Climbing, Camping near a Glacier

Areas you can cross off your bucket list are:
Ice Climbing, Camping near a Glacier in Alaska, Drinking Fresh and Pure Glacier Water, Flying in a Helicopter

Experience Camping Near a Glacier! Explore Ice, Lakes, & Waterfalls!

The Juneau Icefield, covering an area of 1500 square miles and containing 40+ named glaciers, serves as a mountaineers natural playground and the backdrop to the city of Juneau.  Its immensity is impressive: it stretches nearly 100 miles from the Taku Glacier east of Juneau north to Skagway, Alaska, 50 miles from the coastal waters of the Inside Passage into Canada’s Atlin Provincial Park, and has the thickest temperate glacier ice depths measured in the world at nearly one mile thick.  However, a warming climate that began in the mid 1700’s has caused the glaciers to recede.  In recent years this recession has accelerated, changing the areas landscape.  Since 1950 glaciers flowing from the icefield have receded as much as 3 miles.  This has been documented by the longest on-going glacial research in the world completed by scientists participating in the Juneau Icefield Research Program.  If trekking, camping, and climbing on a glacier has been on your bucket list, now is the time to have that experience.

You’ll sleep comfortably in a tent beside the massive glacier while you “rough it” in luxury and we take care of every detail of the trip.

The Icefield and its glaciers draw thousands of scientists, tourists and adventurers to its lush, rain-forest rimmed perimeter, but few visitors spend the time and energy necessary to travel and camp on its unique, moon-like surface.  With the help of our qualified guides and aided by a helicopter, participants of all ages and abilities can intimately explore and discover the various features of this constantly changing glacial landscape: ice caves, crevasses, moulins, supraglacial streams, ice tubes, and moraines.  During the trip you will receive expert instruction on glacier travel and climbing techniques as well as interpretation of the unique environment around you.  We will outfit you with quality mountaineering and camping gear, and provide delicious snacks and meals.  All you need to bring is a spirit for adventure.


Location:  Lemon Glacier (note – early season due to low snow levels, these trips may occur on the Mendenhall Glacier)

Duration:  2 days /1 nights.  Custom length trips are available by arrangement.

Activities:  Helicopter Flight, Glacier trekking, Ice Climbing (optional), Glacial Edge Exploration, Photography, Camping

Trekking Distance:  As much or as little as you want

Trip Rating:  Easy to Moderate – No Experience Necessary

2018 Cost: $1,299 per person (plus 5% local sales tax – min of 4 people required). Note these rates are based off an overnight trip on the Lemon Glacier.  Camping on other glaciers may increase the rate due to increased helicopter flight time.

Highlights:  Scenic helicopter flight, glacier trekking, ice climbing, camping by an Alaskan glacier, taking photos that will blow your family and friends away

Bucket List:  Flying in a helicopter, trekking on a glacier, camping by a glacier, ice cave exploration, ice climbing, drinking fresh glacier water from the source

Trip Description/Sample Itinerary:

  • Pre-Trip:  Prior to your scheduled departure, your guide will contact you by phone or meet with you in person to introduce themselves, answer any last minute questions, ensure that you have all the necessary equipment, and to discuss the route and expectations.
  • Day 1:  Your adventure begins with trip orientation & outfitting before lifting off for a thrilling helicopter ride to the glacier.  After setting up camp you will become acquainted with your surroundings through in-depth discussions and exploration at your desired pace.  As evening approaches you will trek back to camp where you will enjoy a delicious dinner while soaking in the immense beauty of the mountains, cascading waterfalls, and  glacier.  Stay warm & cozy with 0 degree sleeping bags, camp chairs, and private sleeping tents while taking in the calming peace of an evening spent by an Alaskan glacier.
  • Day 2:  Morning starts with a warm cup of coffee or tea in your private tent, followed by breakfast in the social dome. A cross-glacier trek offers easy to difficult route options based on individual or group requests. Enjoy plenty of time for pictures and even ice climbing! Ice caves, tunnels, streams, rock formations, waterfalls, moulins, and crevasses are just a few of the features encountered during the day.  In the late afternoon the helicopter returns for the flight back to Juneau.


  • Professional Guide with glacier trekking/climbing, camping, and naturalist expertise
  • Round-trip helicopter transportation from Juneau
  • Round-trip van transportation form your local accommodations
  • All of the necessary glacier equipment (ice axes, helmets, harnesses, crampons, safety gear, etc)
  • All of the camping necessary equipment (tents, sleeping system, stove, pots/pans, etc)
  • Day packs to carry snacks and extra layers
  • Delicious meals and beverages
  • A spirit for adventure
  • Personal clothing (see Recommended Gear List)
  • Hiking boots
  • Toiletries and personal items (only the essentials, see the Recommended Gear List)
  • Camera with extra batteries and extra memory card
  • Your lodging for the nights before and after your trip
  • The ability to hike up to 6 miles over uneven terrain 
  • **WAIVER FORM** Each individual on the trip must sign a waiver form at the start of the trip. Alterations and/or deletions to the waiver is not permitted.

  • ABAK practices Leave No Trace principles and expects clients to do so as well.  Please see the Leave No Trace Camping information under the Additional Information tab.

  • Tents are 2 or 3 person backpacking style tents that are weather tight, but comfortably snug.

  • The Helicopters have a limited weight and space capacity.  Please pack only the essentials.

  • The glaciers are constantly changing and we cannot guarantee that you will see specific glacial features such as ice caves or tubes.

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