Overnight Trips

  • Custom Trips

    Allow Above & Beyond Alaska to help you create your own adventure of a lifetime!

  • Pack Creek Brown Bear Kayak Camp

    Become immersed into the luscious old growth temperate rain forest of Admiralty Island’s Kootznoowoo Wilderness where the ambassadors tread on four feet!

  • Helicopter Glacier Base Camp

    Take adventuring to the extreme by camping on a river of flowing ice and exploring an unworldly environment!

  • Tracy Arm Kayak Expedition

    Become engulfed by the towering fjord landscape as you kayak in the midst of calving glaciers, floating icebergs, and cascading waterfalls!

  • Juneau's Channel Islands Kayak Camp

    Discover the grandeur of Southeast Alaska’s Inside Passage as you paddle amidst the abundant wildlife and sleep on an island with a view!

  • Pack Creek to Juneau Kayak Expedition

    Roam the luscious old growth temperate rain forest and paddle along the shores of Admiralty Island’s “Fortress of the Bears” to experience true wilderness solitude!

  • About ABAK

    Above & Beyond Alaska, LLC is a local, employee-owned guiding company based in Juneau. We have been exploring the region from Ocean to Ice for over 25 years and guiding others since 2002. Our goal is to provide a complete Alaskan wilderness experience by sharing with clients our passion for the outdoors, technical know-how, and natural history knowledge.

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