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The City of Juneau is an island of civilization surrounded by Wilderness. Take advantage of our Locals Trips to explore areas that may be outside of your typical travel routes. For 2015 we are offering three different trips with the goal of bringing locals out to some of our favorite spots and seeing Southeast Alaska’s “big 3” – bears, whales, and glaciers. In May we will be guiding a trip in the Kootznoowoo Wilderness on Admiralty Island, June will find us paddling with Whales in the Channel Islands State Marine Park, and in the beginning of August we’ll fly up to the edge of the icefield to explore the area around the toe o the Lemon Glacier.

Above and Beyond Alaska is offering these local trips at a special at cost rate. In addition, we are donating 5% of the trip cost to local non-profits.

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Explore your backyard playground while introducing yourself to the majesty of camping in Alaska by sea kayak or the thrill of camping on the surface of a Glacier!


Dates:  May 23-25, 2015

Location:Pack Creek – Admiralty Island

Duration:  3 days / 2 night.

Cost:  $640/person

Donating To:  Friends of Admiralty

Activities:   Sea kayaking, wildlife viewing, photography, beach combing, hiking, camping

Paddle Distance:  20 miles over 3 days, 5-12 miles per day

Trip Rating:  Easy to Moderate – No Experience Necessary

Highlights:  Pack Creek and its Brown Bears, climbing on “The” Tree on Admiralty, paddling Seymour Canal, wilderness solitude, portaging the Oliver Inlet tramway

Bucket List:Float Plane Flight, Hanging out with Brown Bears, visiting Pack Creek, Camping on Admiralty, Doing the Oliver Inlet Portage


Dates:  June 20-21, 2015

Location:  Juneau’s Channel Islands State Marine Park – Lincoln Island

Duration:  2 days / 1 night.

Cost:  $349/person

Donating To:  Discovery Southeast

Activities:   Sea kayaking, wildlife viewing, photography, beach combing, camping

Paddle Distance:  10-20 miles over 2 days, 5-15 miles per day (distances will depend on group interest and weather)

Trip Rating:  Easy to Moderate – No Experience Necessary

Highlights:  Unique wildlife encounters (humpback whales, harbor seals, steller sea lions, porpoise, birds, and bears), the Coast Mountain Range, wilderness solitude, beach base camp on Lincoln

Bucket List:  Kayaking with humpback whales, harbor seals, or steller sea lions; Camping on an Island


Dates:  August 1-2, 2015

Location:  Toe of the Lemon Glacier

Duration:  2 days / 1 night.

Cost:  $599/person

Donating To:  Juneau Icefield Research Program

Activities:   Hiking, glacier trekking, ice climbing, skipping rocks on the blue-green tarns

Hiking Distance:  2-4 miles per day

Trip Rating:  Easy to Moderate – No Experience Necessary

Highlights:  Camping on a Glacier, Trekking, Ice Climbing, Viewing the Tarns

Bucket List:  Helicopter Flight, Sleeping on a Glacier, Ice Climbing in a Crevasse

Lemmon Glacier & Tarns

Trip Descriptions/Sample Itinerary:

Note – Their are variations to this trip that involve paddling in one direction and flying in the other that may be available upon request.

    • Pre-Trip:  Prior to your scheduled departure, your guide will contact you by phone or meet with you in person to introduce themselves, answer any last minute questions, ensure that you have all the necessary equipment, and to discuss the route and expectations.
    • Day 3:  The morning starts with a flight to Windfall Island near the Pack Creek Bear Sanctuary. Upon landing the group will unload the planes and set up our camp for the night. Once everyone is ready a beautiful short paddle along the rainforest cloaked coastline  brings us to Pack Creek Wildlife Viewing Area.  The remainder of the day is spent at this site with activities including: observing brown bears and learning about their habitat and behavior, stretching our legs on a one-mile trail through the old growth forest to a viewing platform, watching salmon swim upstream to their spawning grounds, and taking in the scenic grandeur of the entire ecosystem.  In the afternoon a short paddle brings us back to our camp where we relax, eat good food, and enjoy our wilderness solitude.
    • Day 4:  On this day you begin your paddle toward Olivers Inlet.  The paddling for the day will be spaced out by breaks on shore to skip rocks, explore “The” Tree at Swan Point, and poke around in the forest. Once you have covered enough distance to set yourself up for the final day of paddling your guide will select another camp along the shore.  After setting up camp enjoy a quiet evening in sleeping under the stars in Alaska. Oh, who are we kidding, you’re locals…lets rephrase that to hopefully under the stars in Alaska. If not, we’ll enjoy the sound of rain hitting the rainfly of our waterproof tents while warm and dry in our sleeeping bags.
    • Day 5:  In the morning, you will paddle the remaining distance to the head of Seymour Canal and portage your gear across the tram to the Oliver Inlet side.  Our water taxi will pick you up in Oliver Inlet and transport you back to Juneau.  Once we arrive in Douglas boat harbor, a van awaits to return you to your home with photos to share with friends and an increased appreciation of wilderness solitude. 
  • Pre-Trip:  Prior to your scheduled departure, your guide will contact you by phone or meet with you in person to introduce themselves, answer any last minute questions, and ensure that you have all the necessary equipment.
  • Day 1:  In the morning you will meet at Above and Beyond Alaska’s warehouse for a trip orientation, gear outfitting, and safety briefing.  Once packed we will drive to Amalga Harbor, load our gear into our water taxi boat, and get out onto the water.  Upon arriving at our camping destination we will set up our island base camp, and then gather our kayaks to explore out on the water. With luck, humpback whales, stellar sea lions, harbor seals, and porpoises will entertain us while we paddle with the backdrop of the Coastal and Chilkoot Mountain Ranges. Back on our island, after enjoying dinner allow the sounds of nature to lull you so sleep, cozy in a warm and dry sleeping bag and tent.
  • Day 2:  Following a hearty breakfast, we will head back out along the coast in the kayak.  The beauty of this trip is that you determine your pace, as this trip is designed for you!  Take a break and enjoy a couple hours of beachcombing, or paddle further to experience more of the rugged coastline and to increase the likelihood for wildlife encounters.  In the late-afternoon our water taxi will return to pick us up and return us back to Amalga where our van awaits our arrival.
  • Pre-Trip:  Prior to your scheduled departure, your guide will contact you by phone or meet with you in person to introduce themselves, answer any last minute questions, ensure that you have all the necessary equipment, and to discuss the route and expectations.
  • Day 1:  Your adventure begins with a final trip orientation and outfitting before lifting off for a thrilling helicopter ride to the toe of the Lemon Glacier.  After setting up camp you will become acquainted with your surroundings through in-depth discussions and exploration at your desired pace.  As evening approaches you will trek back to camp where you will enjoy a delicious dinner while soaking in the immense beauty of the mountains and glacier.  Stay warm and cozy with 0 degree sleeping bags, camp chairs, and private sleeping tents while taking in the calming peace of an evening spent on top of Alaskan glacier.
  • Day 2:  Morning starts with a warm cup of coffee or tea followed by breakfast in the social dome. A cross-glacier trek offers a variety of route options based on individual or group requests. Enjoy plenty of time for pictures, and even ice climbing! Off glacier we will explore the unique rock features and the shoreline of the blue-green glacial tarn at the base of large cliffs with cascading waterfalls. In the late afternoon the helicopter returns for the flight back to Juneau.


      • Professional Guide with kayaking, camping, and naturalist expertise
      • Relevant motorized transports: float plane, motor boat, or helicopter
      • All of the necessary relevant kayaking or glacier equipment (kayaks, PFD’s, rubber boots, safety gear, crampons, helmet, harness, day pack, etc)
      • All of the necessary camping equipment (tents, sleeping system, stove, pots/pans, etc)
      • Dry bags for your personal clothing (on kayaking trips)
      • Delicious meals and beverages
      • A spirit for adventure
      • Personal clothing (click for Recommended Gear List): We recommend you prepare for rain and hope for sunshine in regards to the weather.  Due to the cool, damp climate it is best NOT to wear cotton and instead, wear clothing made of polyester, wool, fleece, nylon, polypropylene, and/or capilene.
      • Toiletries and personal items (only the essentials, see the Recommended Gear List)
      • Camera with extra batteries and extra memory card
      • Sturdy hiking boots (for the Lemon Glacier Mountain Camp)
      • The ability to spend up to 2-3 hours in a kayak at a time and paddle 10+ miles in day (for kayaking trips) 
      • **WAIVER FORM**  Each individual on the trip must sign a waiver form at the start of the trip. Alterations and/or deletions to the waiver is not permitted.

      • This trip will be camping at undeveloped, natural sites that do not have ANY amenities.  You will be sleeping in a tent and your restroom will be the open air of the intertidal zone (the area at the ocean waters edge that is affected by the tide).  Tents are 2 or 3 person backpacking style tents that are weather tight, but comfortably snug.

      • ABAK practices Leave No Trace principles and expects clients to do so as well.  Please see the Leave No Trace Camping information under the Additional Information tab.

      • Camp will be moved each night and space is limited in the kayak hatches (storage compartments).  Consider the necessity of each item you bring and how much space it takes.  Many smaller items are much easier to pack than a few large items. Please review the Recommended Gear List found under the Additional Information tab.

      • We outfit all clients in sit-in double kayaks with spray skirts. Single kayaks are available for experienced kayakers only!

      • NOTE ON KAYAKING SIZE/WEIGHT LIMITATIONS: Our kayaks can accommodate a maximum torso (waist-chest) diameter of  52 inches (132cm). Maximum weight limits including gear are 300lbs (136kg) for single kayaks and 600lbs (272kg) for double kayaks. People taller than 6’2″ (188cm) have a hard time operating the rudder because the pedals only adjust to a certain maximum distance. However, people as tall as 6’6″ have been able to paddle in our kayaks.

  • About ABAK

    Above & Beyond Alaska, LLC is a local, employee-owned guiding company based in Juneau. We have been exploring the region from Ocean to Ice for over 25 years and guiding others since 2002. Our goal is to provide a complete Alaskan wilderness experience by sharing with clients our passion for the outdoors, technical know-how, and natural history knowledge.

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