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Paddle with Marine Wildlife in the Channel Islands State Marine Park!

The City of Juneau is an island of civilization surrounded by Wilderness; located just a short distance away from this civilization is the Channel Islands State Marine Park.  This area is composed of over a dozen uninhabited islands that provide unique recreational opportunities as well as a refuge for marine, terrestrial, and avian life.  In addition to the wildlife, the islands are part of the largest intact temperate rain forest in the world and are boarded by the mainland peaks and glaciers of the breath-taking Coastal and Chilkat mountain ranges. These islands are best explored by boats and their close proximity to the mainland make them ideal for participants of all ages and abilities to discover the nature of wild Alaska and the world of sea kayaking.
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Tongass Coast Kayak

This 5.5 hour trip provides the opportunity to experience hiking in the old-growth temperate rainforest and kayaking in Southeast Alaska’s Inside Passage. From downtown Juneau you will drive “Out the Road” to the Eagle Valley Center in order to access wild, uninhabited coastline. After a 15 minute hike you will spend a couple of hours paddling along the shoreline in search of bald eagles, Steller sea lions, humpback whales, and other wildlife, while learning about the history and ecology of the area.

  • Enjoy a short hike through meadows and the temperate old-growth rainforest
  • Launch kayaks from a secluded beach
  • Paddle the scenic shoreline while searching for marine wildlife



Channel Islands Marine Park Padddle

This 6.5 hour trip explores the Channel Islands State Marine Park and the diverse ecosystem of the Inside Passage via motor boat, kayak, and beach and/or forest walking.  A 40 min to one-hour round trip boat transport brings you to our remote island camp. After spending some time beach combing or taking a short walk into the temperate rain forest you will hop into kayaks in order to get up close and personal with the native marine wildlife. To make the whole experience even better, while paddling you will be soaking in the views of multiple glaciers surrounded by tall snow-covered peaks.

  • Take a boat cruise on the aptly named Favorite Channel to our remote kayak launch site
  • Paddle in one of the world’s most productive Humpback Whale and Steller Sea Lion feeding grounds
  • Observe marine, avian, and terrestrial wildlife by boat and kayak


Juneau’s Channel Islands Kayak Base Camp


Take full advantage of the opportunities the Channel Islands State Marine Park have available. Experience kayaking with whales, roasting marshmallows over a fire on a private beach, skipping rocks or beach combing, sleeping on an uninhabited island, walking through the old-growth rain forest, watching bald eagles swoop down fishing for salmon, observing sea lions and seals surface nearby, listening to black oyster catchers and other birds calling to one another, hang out in our unique hanging tree tents, and much, much more. This two day/one night trip is an excellent way to discover what Alaska is all about.

  • Cruise to our Channel Islands base camp site
  • Experience our unique hanging tree tents
  • Kayak with whales and sea lions, observe wildlife in its natural habitat, beach comb, or hike in the old-growth rain forest
  • Camp on a remote Alaskan island with a guide


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