Bear Viewing Trips

Visit the Pack Creek Brown Bear Sanctuary on Admiralty Island!

Pack Creek is a world-renowned bear viewing site on Admiralty Island located near Juneau and is accessed by a scenic float plane flight. The native Tlingit’s of Southeast Alaska call Admiralty Island “Kootznoowoo,” which translates to “Fortress of the Bears;” aptly named for the estimated 1,700 brown bears residing on the island. The island is considered to have one of the highest brown bear and nesting bald eagle population densities on the planet! Additionally, seals and humpback whales ply the waterways, Sitka black-tailed deer silently stalk through the towering trees and dense undergrowth of the temperate rainforest, mink and marten bound along the shoreline, and the cries of loons haunt Admiralty’s coast and interior lakes. This is truly one of Southeast Alaska’s gemstones…
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Admiralty Brown Bear Viewing & Kayak

This trip packs the full Admiralty Island experience into a single day. Begin your adventure with a birds eye view of the island dotted waterways of the Inside Passage, the temperate rainforest, and high alpine of the Coastal Mountain Range, from the seat of a float plane. Upon landing a 1.5 mile paddle brings you to the Pack Creek Brown Bear Sanctuary. From here several hours will be spent viewing Brown Bears, bald eagles, and other wildlife, hiking through the temperate rainforest, and learning about the history and ecology of the area.

  • Fly in a float plane to a remote Alaskan Wilderness
  • Kayak the shoreline of a coastal temperate rainforest
  • Watch Brown Bears as they forage for grasses, berries, clams, and spawning salmon

Admiralty Bear Through Scope


Admiralty Island Camping & Kayak Expeditions!

Pack Creek Brown Bear Kayak Camp

Immerse yourself into the Kootznoowoo Wilderness of Admiralty Island and enjoy two or more days of Alaskan solitude. With your gear board a float plane and enjoy living in a rustic base camp on a small island while you paddle the forest cloaked shoreline, hike in the rainforest, and observe Brown Bears and other wildlife from both near and far.

  • Enjoy a scenic float plane flight to the Kootznoowoo Wilderness
  • Hike in old-growth rainforest to see and learn about this unique environment
  • Paddle with seals, explore the diverse life of the intertidal zone, and watch bears feed on spawning salmon

Pack Creek to Juneau Kayak Expedition

Spend three days and two nights paddling one way between Juneau and Pack Creek, exploring 20-25 miles of Admiralty Islands shoreline by kayak. This trip utilizes transport by water taxi and float plane to allow you to maximize the amount of area you get to see.

  • Enjoy a water-taxi from Juneau to Oliver Inlet and a float plane flight from Pack Creek to Juneau
  • Visit one of the largest trees in the old-growth forest (pictured above)
  • Watch brown bears at Pack Creek and frequently from your kayak as you paddle the shoreline
  • Experience the quiet solitude of sleeping in a remote Alaskan Wildernesss



Explore Admiralty Island and Pack Creek on Your Own!

Pack Creek Kayak Rentals Packages


These rental packages are designed for those with previous experience, a desire to get out on their own, and a true spirit of adventure. With our help you can create the personal trip of a lifetime exploring Admiralty Island, Pack Creek and the Kootznoowoo Wilderness. To make this opportunity possible we have kayaks available for rent located 1 mile from the Pack Creek bear viewing site, additionally, we have a few kayaks that can be used to paddle one-way between Juneau and Pack Creek (or visa-versa).

  • Experience Admiralty and the surrounding area on your own and at your pace for as short or long as you desire
  • Kayak, observe wildlife in its natural habitat, beach comb, or hike in the old-growth rainforest
  • Camp on a remote Alaskan island without a guide
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